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The Court of Gayumarth
Iran, Shiraz; 1575-1590
The David Collection, 56/2007

Gayumarth was the first of the Iranian kings and the one who taught mankind to clothe itself and cook food. He is shown here in a fantastic mountainous landscape surrounded by his people, who live in harmony with one another and with the wild animals.

The idyll does not last, however. Ahriman, the incarnation of evil, tries to seize power with help from his formidable son and demon, the Black Div. At first, the div manages to kill Gayumarth’s son Siyamak, but at last the demon is vanquished by Gayumarth’s grandson Hushang, who accedes to the throne after his grandfather. The person kneeling on Gayumarth’s left is his son Siyamak. Behind him stands Hushang, who is wearing a crown.

Inv. no. 56/2007


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